Imnaha Aluminum box on KLX250S

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Happy Trails Imnaha Panniers are designed for riders who want the benefits of hard luggage without the extra bulk of larger aluminum panniers. They are lockable and sturdy. They present a very narrow profile and hold a surprising amount of gear when you pack right.

Built with the same great quality as all other Happy Trails panniers for the true Adventure rider. A great addition to your pannier collection.

This Imnaha Pannier Kit for your KLX250S includes everything you need:

Two Imnaha Panniers with built in lid loops and lid locks

SU Rack System

Mounting hardware

Includes matched key lid locks in addition to the cam latches which provide the dust and water proof seal that makes our boxes famous.

Kurt says: “I love these little guys. I just returned from a hard two-day wilderness ride comforted the entire while knowing all the tools, air, and tubes I needed in an emergency were safely stowed in my Happy Trails Imnaha aluminum panniers. Surprisingly, I still had room for a jacket liner, power bars, Jerky, toiletries, and a complete change of clothes. I added a waterproof duffel to my tail rack containing my sleeping bag and tent and I was good to go for 500 ever-so-dusty miles. The Imnaha’s have become my favorite minimalist tool for off-road work.”



  1. Selamat sore.
    Saya sangat berminat dengan imnaha aluminium box untuk klx250. Saya dari surabaya. Gmn cara pesan dan berapa harganya?
    Terima kasih.

  2. Hi.

    I’ve a Honda XR200R which I’m in the process of rebuilding which I would like to add racks and side aluminium panniers to.

    Would you happen to have any experiences or ready racks and aluminium panniers for this particular bike or could you kindly recommend someone in Indonesia who does whom I may contact?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Trempest Humphries

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